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Manufacturing and Fabrication Facilities in the workshop:

Work-shop is fully equipped with all facilities for manufacturing of heavy equipment such as Plate Bending machines, Lathes, Planner, Radial Drills, Shapers, Hydraulic Press, Welding Rectifiers, Welding Generators, Argon (Complete set), D.C. Electric Welding Generators, Lead melting, Lead Welding and Burning Torches, Electric Ovens, Plasma and Pug Cutting sets, Electronic/ Manual Tube Expander, Tube Bending Machine, Sand Blasting, Lead Pipes Extrusion Machines, and four nos. of overhead Electrical cranes.

The workshop is mechanized and is fully equipped to manufacture any mechanical equipment with quality control. Quality check measuring instruments are calibrated as per the documented schedule.


The team of qualified and experienced engineers and technicians who are employed with the company for over fifteen years , have helped in retaining the knowledge and perfecting the skills. This has brought recognition to the company for the Quality and timely execution of the work.

The company takes pride in its innovative engineering solutions have aptitude for development of new items which are normally not produced by similar Workshops.